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Author Topic: Mysterious Korean Number Station 'AengMuSae (In English : The Parrot)'  (Read 1330 times)

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Hello. Everyone. I'm in Join in the Korean Numberstation Club "NumberWave" Today, I'm posting a Mystery Number station.

1. NumberWave User 'Kielliny' says : I found Asian DX list, In DX list, Mystery Korean Number Station In it.
2. 'Kielliny' and 'Moomin' Listened 3276.915khz, and 3261 khz in Mystery Number station.
3. We named this station by '앵무새' since it says '앵무새' at the end
4. This station usually says a famous name like Lee Sung-gi as a code.
5. This station is sometimes heard a unknown man's voice.

Recorded by Kieliny in the Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on November 21, 2015, starting at about 13:30 UTC.


Mysterious DX list (Search Ctrl + F  'Korea')


Thank you for reading Bad English.