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Author Topic: UNID 6925 AM 2000* UTC + 12/28/2015  (Read 786 times)

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UNID 6925 AM 2000* UTC + 12/28/2015
« on: December 28, 2015, 2101 UTC »
There's been a carrier on 6925 AM on the K2SDR WebSDR waterfall since I started listening to the UNID on 6925 USB that was playing Beavis & Butthead audio.  Per Dimbulb in that station's log thread, there's somebody re-transmitting an amateur radio net on 6925 kHz AM as well.  I saw the carrier stay the whole time there was activity on 6925 USB but was not able to hear any audio in LSB mode.  Carrier dropped off at 2030 UTC and then came back up, noticeably stronger, at 2032 UTC.  

After the Beavis and Butthead station on 6925 USB signed off at 2053 UTC, I'm still seeing the carrier on 6925 at 2100 UTC, much weaker than before but its still there.  No audio on AM or USB/LSB can be heard on the WebSDR or on my local RX setup, but I do hear the carrier on my local setup as well.  

Wanted to give this retransmission/rebroadcast its own thread...if there's already one floating around somewhere feel free to merge this with it admin
guys :D

MUCH stronger carrier popped up at 2102 UTC for roughly a minute and then disappeared.   ???

As of 2104 I'm hearing very weak music (I think) on 6925 AM.  Carrier is fading up and down, disappearing off the waterfall completely at points.

Beavis & Butthead on USB S6, off sometime before 2055z

 - and also -

Net on AM at S4, can only copy this if I listen on LSB to cut out Beavis & Butthead.
Must be live or recent recording since net control station is wishing folks "Happy New Year".
Signal is in/out of the noise and have not copied any net ID.
Hearing net control "Alpha Two Quebec?" working various ham callsigns (mostly from 7-land), just quick contacts.
Still going at 2055z, better copy with B&B signed off.
Net off at 2100z - Finally got the Net ID, "The Noontime Net"   http://www.noontimenet.org/
Music now...

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