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Author Topic: Chinese Time Signal & New Zealand NDB's...  (Read 1752 times)

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Chinese Time Signal & New Zealand NDB's...
« on: March 17, 2016, 0247 UTC »
The early hours of this morning (Thursday, Sydney Australia, time) was one of the best NDB openings ever, the 200-480KHz section was cluttered with signals, I logged three new Australian beacons never heard before, plus some Time Signals at lower end of the band...the following extract of this mornings log:

40.0KHz    JJY    Time Signal, very weak, not confirmed, 319 report at best 1526z.

60.0KHz    ???    Time Signal, possibly JJY or WWVB, no ident given on the hour or 45 minute interval.  529 report.   1530z.

68.5KHz    BPC   Time Signal, Shangqui City, China, National Time Service Centre, 8,387kms, 529 report.  1535z. :)

221KHz     WG    Wagga Wagga NSW, first time heard, very weak at best 419, for 221kms.  1452z. :)

230KHz    NIE     Nile, Tasmania, first time heard, 319 report for 933kms. 1455z. :)

238KHz    KT      Kaitaia, New Zealand for 2,119kms at 529 report.  1511z.

238KHz    WS     Westport, New Zeraland for 2,081kms at 519 report, signal much louder than meter indication.  1512z.

286KHz    CC      Cape Campbell, New Zealand for 2,293kms at 319 report.  1518z.

310KHz    HK     Hokitika, New Zealand for 2,071kms at 319 report. 1520z.

377KHz    MBY   Modbury South Australia, first time heard, for 1,073kms, 319 report, took 13 mins to positively id this one.  1544z. :)

So three new ones in the NDB's and one new one in the Time Signals, worth the effort of sitting up between 0200-0320hrs local time in the cold of the morning.  New Zealand beacons were very strong audio wise but not moving the strength meter.  Virtually zero noise and band wide open, a rare event here... ::)

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