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A request to those posting QSL images

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If a thread already exists, and an image of the QSL has been posted already, and your QSL image is exactly the same, please consider NOT including a duplicate image of the QSL in your reply as well. That will help save disk space here at the HFU.


No longer an issue with attachments disabled. Upload your image to imgur or elsewhere, link to it in your message via IMG tags. You can post as many QSL images as you like!

It is possible to display the QSL image, or any image, directly in your message. The following line of code will do it as an example (I put it in UNICODE so it will display as text so you can see it)


Note you need to include the actual image address, ending in .jpg or .png for this to work. If it does not end with the file type extension, it will not work.

Please also consider posting your images to and then linking to the image URL, rather than uploading here. It's free, and works very well. And you won't have a limitation as to the size of your image.

pirateswl: is also a free option

Attachments are now disabled. They consume huge amounts of disk space and slow things down.   If you wish to post an image, it's trivial to do so via imgur and other services. They let you post huge images, often without any (reasonable) size limits

For example:

1. Go to
2. Click the New Post button
3. Paste your image into your browser window
4. Right click on the image URL
5. Paste the image URL into the message you are posting on the HFU, in between IMG tags.
6. You're done!

Thanks to Skipmuck for this tip. If you go to the image on imgur after you've uploaded it, click on the "BBCode" COPY button to copy ALL the necessary code for the image to your clipboard. Then paste that into your comment.


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