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Author Topic: Hit Mix Radio and Studio 52 Radio 6290 AM 2026 UTC 6/10/16 (via Twente SDR)  (Read 567 times)


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2026- "Deurdonderen" (Live 1997) Normaal per Shazam  S8-9 and noisy
2031- song in Dutch or German OM vocals
2032- "Coward Of The County" Kenny Rogers
2037- "Love You More" YL vocals  S9+ peaks and great AM audio
2042- Polka music
2049- lively polka song OM vocals
2055- country sounding tune in German or Dutch
2058- "Ali Baba" OM vocals
2059- OM talking over the music and said "thank you very much"
2100- OM thanking listeners
2103- "Power Of Love" Huey Lewis and The News
2104- OM said "hello can you hear me?" over some polka music
2106- Studio 52 ID given
2110- unknown song OM vocals

 ID per Euro chat room. Thanks for the show!  8)
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