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Author Topic: Rave On Radio 6925 USB 0130 UTC 4Aug16  (Read 1360 times)

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Rave On Radio 6925 USB 0130 UTC 4Aug16
« on: August 04, 2016, 0133 UTC »
Signal initially S7ish

0130 ID, ment that this was the "Joe Farley's Dog Got Skunked Show" (she did, last nite, and I missed last nite's ROR show because of this) and that this show has another theme

0131 "Mother-In-Law"
0134 Neil Young/The Band/Joni Mitchell - "Helpless"
0140 BTO - "Hey You"
0143 IDs, Joni Mitchell - "California"
0146 Guess Who - "New Mother Nature"
0152 Neil Young - "Thrasher'
0158 IDs, QSL info, Guess Who - "All Hashed Out" (TY!)
0204 "Clouds", "Cowgirl in the Sand" - quick fade to the noise floor during this
0218 can just barely hear ROR's voice at this time...
0225 still hearing mx, but too weak to ID
0232 once again, JBA ROR announcements
0242 gone now?  Mebbe some mx still there
0254 still hearing trace mx

Thanks ROR; very much appreciated!

They are all Canadian artists...Woof!
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Re: Rave On Radio 6925 USB 0130 UTC 4Aug16
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2016, 0148 UTC »
0147- very weak music being heard
0150- "The Old Man Down The Road" John Fogerty (I think, hard to tell)
0201- hearing the music but signal is too weak to ID it
0205- signal rose up just enough to hear familiar tune YL vocals, I think by Joni Mitchell
0217- bit of OM talk
0220- music, unable to tell what it is
0225- signal rising up ever so slightly to hear rock guitar music
0232- off?

 Thanks for the show Rave On Radio! Wish reception was better here.
 Beautiful Golden Retriever Joe! My Chocolate Lab got sprayed by a skunk when she was a puppy, worst stench in the world!
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Re: Rave On Radio 6925 USB 0130 UTC 4Aug16
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2016, 1353 UTC »
Quite weak here on the SDR recording. I heard some music starting around 0130, followed by repeated IDs then into "Mother In Law".
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