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Author Topic: decoding STANAG-4285  (Read 2933 times)

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decoding STANAG-4285
« on: August 23, 2016, 1529 UTC »
Can this be decoded with FLdigi? I see on people on you tube using Sorcerer.
I know this is used by NATO and probably a lot of it is encrypted, but I see videos
online of some partial decodes. Thought it might be fun to try.
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Re: decoding STANAG-4285
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2016, 1726 UTC »
Hi flexoman
i'd say 98% is encrypted, some french navy stns (FUM FUF FUJ etc ) send clear text test loops , can't remember others; anyway it's an interesting mode.
Decode with Sorcerer for the common man...
Some USB FUM 600L/5N1 frequencies:


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Re: decoding STANAG-4285
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2016, 1808 UTC »
some french navy stns (FUM FUF FUJ etc ) send clear text test loops , can't remember others;


Also Italian stations do that sometimes.
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Re: decoding STANAG-4285
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2016, 0949 UTC »
So far I got clear text STANAG4285 from French, Italian, Dutch and Canadian stations.
Most of them are using 600 Long and ITA2 5N1 mode, but some are using also lower speed rates and even or odd framings.
I never logged clear text with higher rates like 1200 (which most probably makes no sense for a simple short Idle text)

Here are some examples of stations which are transmitting clear text (but maybe also sometimes encrypted):

Italian Stations like IDR, IDN:
Italian Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) from Napoli with callsign NSS e.g. on 6218.2 kHz

Dutch Navy PBC:

Canadian Forces CFH: (using 75 Long)

And like already mentioned several French Navy stations like FUO, FUE, FUG, FUM, 6WW,...

Nearly all of these clear text transmissions are always repeating the same short idle texts with callsigns, frequency information, quick brown foxes, or similar.
But there are also some stations in interaction with other channels.
For example the French Navy FUE on 6348 kHz. Most of the time there is an idle text like "ALL DE FUE... TESTING... RYRYRY... SGSGSG..."
But somtimes the transmission stops because someone (I guess a Navy ship) is calling.
At that time another STANAG4285 transmission starts on another channel on frequency 6259 kHz.
This transmission can be received in KG84C encryption (decoders like sorcerer can detect the encryption but of course it cannot be decrypted).
After this transmission stops, the clear text STANAG on 6348 kHz of FUE starts again with a response.
And this time the response looks different and may consist of a kind of operator chat.
I logged the following responses:
"FI DE  FUE...  MCI COOP... AR..."
"KKKKILO... FR DE FUE... QSL R 251423Z MAY 15... TIME 1500Z..."

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Re: decoding STANAG-4285
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2016, 1416 UTC »
Sometimes the shore station sends out the freqs it's listening for traffic on. With that info one might be able to catch the ship side of the connection.
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