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Author Topic: Possible new beacon 4096.86 kHz Nov 12 2016 1345 UTC  (Read 945 times)

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Possible new beacon 4096.86 kHz Nov 12 2016 1345 UTC
« on: November 12, 2016, 1511 UTC »
A possible new addition to the 4095 / 4096 cluster of beacons.  This morning I saw a short duration ditter, about 0.15 sec long dit about every 0.95 second on 4096.86 kHz.  I noticed it about 1345 UTC on Nov 12, 2016.

The ditter was very weak, and had long fades to completely gone.  It is possible it is cycling on and off like a few other beacons do (Shorty on 7998.3 kHz and the two unnamed beacons on 2008.4 and 2016.7 kHz), but really it was too weak for me to be sure.

Here is a shot of it, note that in this shot the other 4095/4096 beacons are not present, there was some odd propagation this morning as these beacons are normally seen here quite well:

40 minutes later Viking and Haystack faded up out of the noise, and the new beacon could still be very faintly heard.  As this was right about sunrise and it was a bit cloudy, the Inyo-Whooper is not seen, it is a daytime only beacon and turned on a while later.

And 30 minutes later Inyo-Whooper was on solid, but no sign of the new beacon...if it is one.

Mojave Desert, California USA