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Author Topic: Uidentified txn 6930kHz 0709-0839utc 19 November  (Read 1320 times)

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Uidentified txn 6930kHz 0709-0839utc 19 November
« on: November 19, 2016, 2357 UTC »
Uidentified txn 6930kHz 0709-0839utc 19 November; always ar nearly always a male speaker, lang unid, consistent speech speed, no music, logged at 0709; 0721; 0730; 0742; 0839. At 0721, 0730 and 0742 there were snatches of music as well (different txn and possibly a cross-modulation). There was also a possible 2 way txn conversation going on at 0709 with (but wait, there's more!) data bursts intermittently as well.
Here are the possibilities: (1) another cross modulation (2) fishermen, but the voice was consistent in speed and didn't seem to change (3) other.
Anyone with an sdr recording able to confirm (or negate) any of these?
Heard on South Island coast, New Zealand.


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