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Author Topic: UNID QSO Telephone Patch 6772.5 kHz USB 2230 UTC - 07 DEC 2016  (Read 959 times)

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On-going Spanish language QSO on this frequency, sounds like a telephone patch.  OM talking to a child, heard child address OM as "papa" several times.  People laughing in background at points.  

"Whurring" QRM on nearby frequency 6773 kHz nearly constant but doesn't interfere with monitoring of 6772.5 kHz USB.  

A quick scan of nearby frequencies has revealed similar "phone patch like" Spanish language communications on the following frequencies:

6671.5 kHz USB
6710 kHz USB (possibly Spanish language military traffic)  
6778.5 kHz USB

and, of course, the usual pescadore (fishing fleet and/or freebanders, outbanders, etc) booming in stronger than usual:

6732 kHz USB
6880 kHz LSB
6890 kHz LSB
6900 kHz LSB  - often hearing 6900 USB and 6900 LSB at the same time,
6900 kHz USB  - 6900 USB seems more like freebanding radio ops than fishing fleets
6905 kHz LSB
6910 kHz LSB
6919 kHz LSB
6925 kHz LSB
6930 kHz LSB  - VERY strong
6935 kHz LSB
6948 kHz USB - switching between English and Spanish (!!!)
6950 kHz USB
6960 kHz LSB

and several, possibly dozens of others.  First time I've seen/heard USB used so often.  

Considering how many other Latin American comms I've heard in the 6000-7000 kHz range this evening...this could be coming from anywhere.  

6772.5 kHz USB is just far enough away from Old Time Radio aka OTR on 6770 kHz AM (which is just a carrier with very slight modulation right now) so that there is very little interference at the moment.  If OTR on 6770 AM was stronger, I doubt I would be hearing 6772.5 USB.

2246 UTC - Tuned back in and now YL is talking to the OM.  S6 to S7 level signal strength, some fading but no problems copying.  Seems like a fairly informal conversation, possibly a husband and wife talking.  

2252 UTC - Conversation still on-going with slightly stronger signals (and slightly more QRM from OTR on 6770 kHz AM).  

2301 UTC - Still on-going, with ever increasing QRM from OTR on 6770 AM.  The signals on 6772.5 USB have increased in strength as well, however.

2312 UTC - Gone sometime between 2302 UTC and 2312 UTC. 
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