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Author Topic: UNID Freebanders Spanish Language QSO 6900 kHz LSB 0345+ UTC 21 Dec 2016  (Read 923 times)

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I have been listening to two OMs chatting away on 6900 kHz LSB for the past 15-20 minutes.  Spanish speaking stations, with Mexican accents, talking about propagation conditions and antenna systems.  One of the operators gave his cell number over the air and asked the other op to text him.  Other topics of conversation included typical "ham-like" things such as the weather, operating conditions (radios, antennas, frequencies, names of towns/cities, etc).  Polite chatter, nobody jamming or intentionally transmitting over other signals this evening.  My Spanish is decent enough for me to understand the topic of conversation.  

These guys are most certainly freebanders and not pescadores.  If they are fishermen, they're well-versed in the world of radio.  Operators seemed to be referring to each other directly as "4778" and "hermano" (brother).  Most of the time, however, no IDs were heard at all. which further leads me to believe they're freebanders or other land-based transmitters.  

The operating habits of these stations mirror those of the 11 meter ops often heard in the 27405-28000 kHz portion.  For the most part, they are polite ops and when QRM becomes an issue, they change frequencies...or flip the mode switch to the opposite sideband.

I have a feeling these guys are related to the "pescadores" (or maybe they actually are pescadores in the case of the thread I'm linking to) sending SSTV:

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