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Author Topic: Curse you Al Fansome!  (Read 884 times)

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Curse you Al Fansome!
« on: January 12, 2017, 1709 UTC »
You and your catfish on a stick have poisoned me! I don't know why my dear Cousin, Col. Sartoris let you on the place for the Midwinter Anvil Shooting, Barn Burning, and Dwarf Launching Tournament in Yoknapatawpha County yesterday?

There he was guys, with his "Catfish On a Stick" cart. "Come over and sit next me to me, Pigmeat." he says. Then he hands me one of the devilishly delicious creations. I ate my fill. Now I'm in a hospital in Oxford on a glucose drip after having my stomach pumped. "Alligator gar poisoning" was the diagnosis. The authorities are on to you. You don't counterfeit the Sainted Fish of The South in Mississippi and get away with it.

You better get out of Mississippi before the Col. catches up with you, Fansome. He'll launch you further than he did that Missouri dwarf that used the illegal accelerant in Barn Burning quarter-finals. I understand that little feller landed on the grounds of the Federal lock-up in Atlanta. Col. John has an uncanny aim.