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UNID 7615 kHz USB 1513 UTC 14 Feb. 2017

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Traveling Wave:
1513 UTC -On-going  radio check-in to net control  with call ID's Red Fox 79, Skyline 4, Capital 45 Bluebird 10,  S5 signal into WNY. Could not ID what net.
1525 UTC -Other ID's Red Dragon 99, Red Dragon 3, Red Dragon 40, Red Robin 8
1530 UTC -Net moving to NRD ?
1535 UTC- Radio check -in stopped.

Sounds like cap net to me.

Traveling Wave:
Checking the internet, 7615 kHz USB is a CAP Net. The ID's are regional wing call signs. Heard them again this AM from 1500 UTC -1600 UTC

It's active this morning, 4/14/17 at 1428z. I've been listening for about 10 minutes now.

Lol it'd be great if when the necos calls a red robin station, that station would reply "Yummmmm!!"


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