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Baseball February 18
« on: February 18, 2017, 1606 UTC »
...because God loves us in snowy New England  :)!  I heard this spinning the dial on the way home from work yesterday, they are back today.

Very good reception on 91.7 FM WHUS-FM (UConn Student Station).  I am about as far southwest as their signal carries. UMass-Lowell v UConn - a doubleheader, no less.

1600z  Two OM's on pre-game analysis
1603z  "It is 80 degrees and sunny (Port St. Lucie, Fl) with a first pitch, fastball strike.  Chris Sharpe has hit an 0-2 pitch for a solo homer for Lowell."
1606z "This is the home of the Mets in February and March"
1607z "Good to see UConn Alum George Springer (Astros) yesterday."
1610z "A 1-6-3 double play to end the frame, the only blemish was Sharpe's solo homer.  1-0 Lowell after a half inning."
1616z "Prado will be sent home, it's an RBI double and the score is tied 1-1."
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