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15.205 Mhz, 3-18-17, 1725 utc
« on: March 19, 2017, 1319 UTC »
I am in the high desert mountains of West Texas.  I am using a Sangean ATS-909X radio, with an outdoor horizontal L antenna (150 feet 20 ga wire), with counterpoise (60 feet, running beneath first leg of antenna).

Picked up this broadcast, singing/chanting, no music, female voice alternating with male voice.  Interesting to listen to, signal was strong and clear (a little more than half-way up the scale on the radio's signal strength meter).  I believe the language was Middle-Eastern.

Is there a way for me to identify the broadcast origin ?  I am retired and a fuddy-duddy, I only get on my computer once per day (early in am), and look over my listening notes from the previous day and do my homework. 

This AM, ran 15205 khz, found, listed these 3 Middle-Eastern broadcasters:
15205    Radio Saudi    Arabic    
15205    Radio Adal    Arabic/Tigrinaya
15205    Radio Al-Mukhtar    Arabic/Tigrinaya

Is there a better way for me to find who broadcast what ?  What about this one that I heard ?

Thank You in advance for any help


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Re: 15.205 Mhz, 3-18-17, 1725 utc
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 1402 UTC »
Per , Radio Saudi is listed from 1545-1757 UTC using 500 KW from Riyadh on this frequency. The other 2 stations mentioned are on from 1500-1600 UTC. As you mention a time of 1725 UTC, it is probable that you were hearing Radio Saudi in Arabic
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