Author Topic: Unidentified pirate with ID on 6300 kHz  (Read 2309 times)


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Unidentified pirate with ID on 6300 kHz
« on: April 19, 2017, 0115 UTC »
Some pirate station with ID has been received on April 1st 2017 on the frequency of 6300 kHz from 2310 till 2331 UTC. Presenter says: "...19 minutes(?) after midnight" (at 2319 UTC), so this station most probably broadcasted from Ireland, U.K. or Portugal (I guess Ireland, because op's voice is very similar to the one of another Irish pirate). Any help with ID "deciphering" would be appreciated.
LOC: Kyiv, Ukraine
RX: Degen DE-1103 portable
ANT1: Two phased external wires (2x10 meters approx.)
ANT2: Long wire (25 meters)
ANT3: Homemade M0AYF wide bandwidth active loop
ACC: Homemade passive preselector, homemade phasing device