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Author Topic: "A4A" "AA4AL" "AL" "FLX" as ID's. 6968.50 USB 1515 UTC 12 May 2017  (Read 963 times)

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Sounds like a Net, sending Data.  Sounds like Air Force.
Went QSY at 1530 UTC.
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It's MARS, in other words, ham operators passing military traffic on out of band frequencies using (modified) amateur radio equipment.  6968.5 kHz USB is one of their favorite frequencies.  You'll find them on several frequencies above and below 40 meters.  They almost always use a frequency ending in .5 for some reason.  They also make heavy use of encrypted data modes - listen to them long enough and you'll eventually hear a request to re-send a file.

Its fun listening to MARS on 6968.5 kHz USB while Portuguese speaking pescadores chat away on 6969 kHz LSB or 6970 kHz LSB.
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Thanks, R4002.  I have been hearing them a lot on this frequency lately.