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Author Topic: 27505 kHz AM / 27.505 MHz AM Hunters or Poachers 1600-1745 UTC 22 May 2017  (Read 1168 times)

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With all the other dozens of active frequencies in the 26-28 MHz range today, one of them sparked my interest, and that one is 27505.  This frequency is actually sporadically used in my local area as a "private" or "outband" (read: freeband) frequency for local AM CBers to get away from the usual crowd on their usual frequency (in this case, the frequency is 27125 / 27.125 MHz, or CB channel 14).

Anyway, I heard two OMs chatting on 27505 for well over an hour.  Topics included finding cover, hiding behind walls, and other things that made me think these stations weren't the usual AMers heard in this part of the band (often when AM traffic is heard above CB channel 40, its truckers).  Hunters usually hang out below CB channel 1, with some exceptions.  Judging by the topic of conversation, the fact that neither station had roger beeps, noise toys or anything else - indicating that they're using the radio for some practical purpose and not just for fun, I think they were either hunters or poachers.  An export radio or 10-meter radio is (along with a VHF radio of some kind, often a VHF marine radio or modified 2 meter ham radio) is often a requirement for a hunting club.  Modified 11 meter equipment is often synonymous with hunting radio.

FWIW, 27505 is CB channel 8 "up one band" (real CB channel 8 = 27.055 + .450 = 27.505).  I have a feeling these operators usually use 27055, but due to heavy QRM from 27025 and 27085 (both of which were booming in with massive overmodulated and splattering signals), they simply flipped the band switch up one band to get a clear frequency.  

I love these Sporadic-E openings.  You never know what you're going to hear.  Chances are the two stations I heard on 27505 were right next to each other.
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