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Author Topic: 26235 kHz / 26.235 MHz US Hunters or Fishermen 12 June 2017  (Read 741 times)

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26235 kHz AM - 26.235 MHz AM. 

Two OMs with Southern US accents talking about catching bluegill and other fish.  Informal chatter on 26235 kHz (AM mode).   Continued QSO about fishing and things "swimming around" (possibly talking about something else here...so many these are truckers or just guys in trucks talking vs. radios mounted in boats, hard to say for sure).  Given the propagation conditions today, I would usually expect to hear Spanish language traffic on or around this frequency, with 26225 USB / 26.225 MHz USB being the big one, and stations going QSY up to 26.235 MHz USB when things get really crazy 10 kHz down.  No trace of SSB voice near this frequency.  Closest active frequency is 26105 kHz (see other thread I posted earlier). 

26.235 MHz is channel 15 (27.135 MHz) down two bands, putting us at Band B (assuming Band D is the CB band) channel 15.  This matches with other "lowers" being active, especially channel 4 on the same band (26105 kHz) also being busy.  Lots of empty channels between 26235 and 26505 (the end of band B, band C runs from 26515 to 26955 and only the higher portion of that band is active). 
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