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Author Topic: 6900 kHz LSB Spanish Speaking Freebander Net 0200+ UTC 14 June 2017  (Read 627 times)

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6.900 MHz LSB 6900 kHz LSB 6900 LSB Spanish language Spanish speakers freebanders bootleggers outbanders operating below 40 meter band.

Heavy static from thunderstorm QRN pretty bad on the lower frequencies this evening, but I am hearing some traffic on the "home" frequency 6900 kHz LSB.  One stronger station coming in nicely, other stations considerably weaker.  11 meter-like chatter.  Stronger stations welcoming new stations into the "net" with a greeting (generally "good evening") and a signal report.  Heard "welcome to the frequency" a couple times as well.  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to listen to the net for awhile tonight but the voices sound pretty familiar.  I have a feeling its another ragchew like roundtable style net so often heard on amateur radio frequencies (these stations are, after all, likely operating modified ham radio equipment out of band and chances are they're amateur radio operators themselves).  These stations are often heard on the 11 meter band, with primary frequencies being around 27665 kHz to 27775 kHz in USB and LSB mode, 10 kHz steps.

At 0204 UTC, hearing the strongest station making comment to a weaker station about band conditions today, remarked about conditions on both 43 meters and 11 meters (which was WIDE open earlier today).  This matches an earlier log I made for chatter on this frequency regarding operators talking about band conditions on different bands (11 meters is the great equalizer! ;)).

At 0205 UTC, hearing two stations talking at once with one of them having a noticeable microphone "unkey" sound.  Not a noise toy or roger beep, but you can hear the PTT button being depressed and unkeyed.  0206 UTC, another station checks into the net after a moment of silence, greeted by a signal report and then welcomed to the frequency.  Chances are this frequency will be busy for the next couple hours.
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