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Author Topic: 11 Meter Band DX Skip Southern US Propagation 30 June 2017  (Read 1047 times)

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Hearing several active out-of-band frequencies in addition to the 26.225 USB, 26.555 LSB and 27.455 USB Spanish language calling channels.

26885 kHz AM - 26.885 MHz AM - Southern US stations working DX skip
26915 kHz AM - 26.915 MHz AM - Southern US stations working DX skip, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi all heard
--lots of signals in the legal 40, including the big radio AM channels 6, 11, 13, 15, 20, 22, 23, 26, 28, 31 and 34
as well as SSB signals on 38 LSB 27.385 LSB Palm Beach Florida and several other locations in the deep south booming in this morning on 27385 LSB

Also hearing SSB voice traffic on 27.390 LSB and 27.400 LSB, both popular "in-between" or "slider" channels for sideband work. 

Not much above channel 40, however I am hearing some activity on

27415 kHz LSB - 27.415 MHz LSB - Southern US stations QSO likely a net
27420 kHz LSB - 27.420 MHz LSB - Weak SSB traffic heard here, probably US stations going by frequency and mode
27425 kHz LSB - 27.425 MHz LSB - Stations calling CQ DX and working DX
27450 kHz LSB - 27.450 MHz LSB - Southern US stations QSO likely a net
27575 kHz AM - 27.575 MHz AM - Truckers, heard mention of Interstate 85

Not a lot of logs but its still relatively early in the morning for Sporadic-E (which I guess doens't make much of a difference?)  Anyway this may be an indicator of a bigger opening later today or this evening.
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