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Author Topic: 26.855 MHz AM - 26855 kHz AM Freeband 11 Meter DX Skip 11 July 2017  (Read 1429 times)

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Hearing at least three different stations talking about "individual cups" and "had a wooden paddle with it" "that little cardboard little box" some item that used to cost 59 cents.  Something about wooden paddles.  Another station underneath a stronger station now at 2110 UTC.  Southern accents.  Lots of signals in the legal 40 CB channels.

"down here in Texas" heard at 2111 UTC, followed by a station calling out the "home boy channel" bleedover from channel 6 / the superbowl / 27.025 MHz AM 27025 AM.  "We got a few big radios....[faded out]"  Lots of QSB at 2112 UTC.  Sounds like a local or regional channel, like a lot of these "lowers" frequencies that pop up during band openings.  Lots of complaints about bleedover from nearby channels.  Seems like most, or all, of these stations are coming out of Texas. 
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