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Author Topic: Russia Remote SDR - Eastern Europe CIS 26 MHz 27 MHz 11 Meter Logs 15 July 2017  (Read 104 times)
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« on: July 15, 2017, 1446 UTC »

Novosibirsk, Russia - grid square reference NO14 / NO14NV

Started at 1430 UTC (2130 local time at the SDR location).  Ended at 1445 UTC.  Since most export radios start at 25615 kHz (or 25610 kHz if you're using the Russian or Polish zero channel "raster"), I started at 25000 MHz just to be sure.  Yesterday I logged Russian taxi cab company dispatcher lady on 25550 kHz / 25.550 MHz FM.  Some export radios start at 25165 instead of 25615.  Others still start at 26065.  Nothing going on in the 12 meter amateur band or in the 24990 kHz to 25615 kHz area.  


25625 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch lady Russia
25755 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch
25835 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch, barely readable
26000 FM - Russian taxis YL dispatcher working OM drivers, strong signals at points
26055 FM - Weak two-way traffic here, likely another Russian or CIS taxi company
26230 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch lady Russia (S6 signal with S4-S5 noise floor...)
26345 USB - Russian language
26365 USB - Russian language
26395 USB - Russian language
26405 USB - Russian language
26590 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch lady Russia
26945 FM - Active paging frequency, several different signals seen on waterfall, some S9+30 signals
26960 FM - Russian or Slavic language speaking traffic, sounds like CBers and not taxis
27075 FM - Russian language QSO, nice loud audio S7 to S9
27085 FM - YL taxi dispatch lady, S9 to S9+10 signal, very strong Russian language
27135 FM - Russian language, weak (not sure if taxi or something else)
27155 FM - Very weak FM signals popping up on this frequency, unable to actually hear anything though
27185 FM - Non-stop FM signal here, very weak but maybe a weather or traffic broadcast?
27225 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch lady Russia
27255 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch lady Russia
27335 FM - Russian language QSO, hearing one side of conversation (OM talking, S9 signal)
27775 FM - Russian taxis YL taxicab company dispatch lady Russia

The regular CB band itself was actually pretty quiet, only channels 26960 (channel 1 on the Russian channel raster - 26965 -5kHz), 27075 (CB channel 10), 27085 (CB channel 11), 27135 (CB channel 15), 27185 (CB channel 19), 27225 (CB channel 22), 27255 (CB channel 23) and 27335 (CB channel 33) were active during the 15 minutes of monitoring done on that SDR.
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