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Author Topic: Philco 46-1209 at Goodwill Wallingford, CT  (Read 3356 times)

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Philco 46-1209 at Goodwill Wallingford, CT
« on: July 27, 2017, 2059 UTC »

My wife who believes I own too many radios (To paraphrase an old quote about guns: I have more radios than I need and not as many as I want), will always alert me about radios for sale.  Today, she spotted a Philco 46-1209 at the Goodwill in Wallingford, CT for $99.  She told me it is missing a couple of knobs and has a frayed cord, the cabinet looked in good condition for its age.  I'm not interested.  I know a guy in Connecticut that does sterling work on radios and cabinets, albeit slow.

Here is what a Philco 46-1209 looks like:

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Re: Philco 46-1209 at Goodwill Wallingford, CT
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 1335 UTC »
A buddy has one in his upstairs hall that is pretty rough shape, but I put him on to a guy who lives near me who, get this, likes to work on those things for fun and does it for free! The same caveat applies to him as to your buddy, CT, it will get done, but good luck on when.

Back in the mid 90's at was at the estate sale of wealthy older lady. There was a 46-1209 in absolute mint condition, my guess it had been polished daily by the help since she and her husband got the thing. If they hadn't wanted over three hundred dollars for, and more importantly, if my wife hadn't been with me, it would still be sitting in my house.

I liked the comments on the one in the link, especially the one about cranking Led Zep on it. A lifelong friend's Grandpa owned a local junk store and had one that was beat up, but still worked fine, so he let Jim have it. It took a crew of three of us and a borrowed dolly to get that behemoth the 70 yards to Jim's house and into his basement lair. I don't remember any Led Zep being blasted, but a lot of other stuff was. That thing would literally make the house shake if you cranked it all the way up.


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