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Author Topic: Russian Taxis on 27 MHz Russia Taxi Dispatch 11 meters - Nakhabino, Russia SDR  (Read 113 times)
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« on: July 17, 2017, 2017 UTC »

The remote SDR in question is here--> [http://rz3dvp.ru:8073/]

I recently added several more European and Russian remote SDRs to my bookmarks.  The band does not appear to be open at this SDR's location.  I can barely hear the 26.945 MHz paging transmitter that is always S9+30 at http://nsk.swl.su:8073/ (which is located in Novosibirsk, in South-Central Russia).  Nakhabino is located roughly 40 miles/65km from the center of Moscow, and roughly 3500 miles/5700 km from Novosibirsk.  So the fact that I'm hearing the 26945 kHz 26 MHz paging frequency active on two SDRs that are 3500 miles away from each other likely means its like the 26 MHz UK paging frequencies, located on-site at hospitals, etc.  

After listening for a while, it became apparent that, like most places, there are local channels that most of the chatter is centered on, followed by the road channel or trucker channel...and then, since this is Russia, there's taxi cab companies (local ones) using 27.735 MHz FM and 27.875 MHz FM.  The band is closed and I'm only hearing local stuff so I bet these two taxi companies are pretty close to the receiver site.  The weaker taxi traffic could have been coming from other suburbs of Moscow or maybe even Moscow itself.  

Anyway,  here's the logs from the Nakhabino SDR, starting at 1945 UTC, ending at 2015 UTC.

26620 kHz - 26.620 MHz FM - Taxi cab company Russian YL taxi dispatch
26705 kHz - 26.705 MHz FM - Taxi cab company Russian YL dispatcher reading numbers, QSO with male taxi driver
26855 kHz - 26.855 MHz FM - Taxi cab company Russian YL dispatcher lady.  S9 signal, taxis can be heard replying to her
26915 kHz - 26.915 MHz FM - Weak FM signal here, too noisy to make anything out but the freq is active
26945 kHz - 26.945 MHz FM - Paging - active pager frequency, multiple signals noted with different signal strength
26975 kHz - 26.975 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter, sporadic traffic
26985 kHz - 26.985 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter, informal QSO (nice FM signals, presumed very local like taxi on 27.875 FM)
27050 kHz - 27.050 MHz FM - CB talk, Russian language
27055 kHz - 27.055 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter, not the same QSO happening on 27.050 MHz
27065 kHz - 27.065 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter, OMs talking long-winded QSO
27125 kHz - 27.125 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter
27135 kHz - 27.135 MHz FM - Busy channel, sounds like multiple QSOs at once  
27180 kHz - 27.180 MHz FM - Russian CB "zero raster" channel 19 - truckers, road channel
27185 kHz - 27.185 MHz FM - Russian CB "five raster" channel 19 - truckers, road channel (not as busy as 27.180 MHz)
27200 kHz - 27.200 MHz FM - Two OMs having a casual QSO, Russian language.  S5 to S6 signal
27210 kHz - 27.210 MHz FM - Taxi cab company Russian language.  OM drivers talking to "control" YL dispatch lady
27235 kHz - 27.235 MHz FM - Taxi cab company Russian language, can only hear dispatch lady
27300 kHz - 27.300 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter, doesn't sound like a taxi
27375 kHz - 27.375 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter, doesn't sound like a taxi
27400 kHz - 27.400 MHz FM - Russian CB chatter
27510 kHz - 27.510 MHz FM - Taxi cab company dispatch Russian language 27 MHz FM
27635 kHz - 27.635 MHz FM - Russian voices heard, almost sounded like weather forecast or traffic report?  
27675 kHz - 27.675 MHz FM - Faint Russian traffic heard, I know this frequency is used by a simplex repeater in Russia
27735 kHz - 27.735 MHz FM - Taxi cab dispatch lady, S9 signal full quieting FM Russian taxi lady
27875 kHz - 27.875 MHz FM - Taxi cab dispatch lady, S9+10 signal, very good signals from dispatcher  
27950 kHz - 27.950 MHz FM - Taxi cab company Russian language YL dispatch lady


Russian taxis 27 MHz taxi dispatch 27MHz taxi cab CB radio two-way radio taxi dispatch lady Russia taxi control 26 MHz taxi dispatch 25 MHz 11 meter band CB radio Russia Russian CB Russian taxis UK FM 27 MHz FM CB radio Polish channel plan Russian CB frequencies 25615-28305 kHz 25615-30105 kHz 25.615-28.305 MHz 25.615-30.105 MHz RU mode export radios 25.550 MHz 26.175 MHz 26175 kHz 27.500 MHz 27500 kHz land mobile radio Russia CB radio allocations CB radio band Germany Russian taxis on UK FM CB channels 27.735 MHz, 27.781 MHz, 27.780 MHz, 26.805 MHz, 27.875 MHz, taxis on 10 meters, intruder 10 meter amateur 28.305 MHz 28.755 MHz 30.555 MHz
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