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Author Topic: UNID Nets 3030 kHz USB and 3033 kHz USB Russian Language  (Read 425 times)

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Since 11 meters is/was open in North America, I decided to check the European SDRs for 11m activity (specifically to see if 27025 AM, etc, were making it across the pond).  11m seemed pretty quiet in the UK SDRs, so I dropped down to 2-3 MHz.  Very active Russian language QSO on 3030 kHz USB.  Seeing several drifty AM signals nearby, which matches with the Siberian Village Radio AM/SSB logs that have been made before.  If I have time I'll try the Swedish SDR and see if I can get better copy on the 2-3 MHz Russian traffic....but these guys on 3030 kHz are going non-stop.  Noticed another SSB signal seemingly "on top" of the 3030 kHz signal, turns out there's another QSO in progress just 3 kHz away on 3033 kHz USB.


The traffic heard on 3030 and 3033 USB may actually be something else.  I'm not hearing them at all on the Swedish or Russian SDRs.  The AM signals are, however, much louder.  Possibly heard maritime traffic on 3030 kHz USB and 3033 kHz USB.  Both 3030 and 3033 are quiet on the other SDRs.  3041 kHz AM is very busy, as well as 3024 kHz / 3025 kHz, 3078 kHz, and several other frequencies (all in AM mode). 
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