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Author Topic: Radio Taxi Moscow Russia 27.875 MHz 27875 kHz Russian SDR 21-AUG-2017  (Read 1245 times)

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Frequency: 27.875 MHz - 27875 kHz high band freeband CB - legal frequency for business use in Russia (CB band extends from 26.515-27.995 MHz)
Mode: FM (narrow FM)
CTCSS / tone squelch: none, appears to be carrier squelch (CSQ)
Language: Russian
KiwiSDR in Nakhabino, Russia http://rz3dvp.ru:8073/
Near Moscow grid square http://www.levinecentral.com/ham/grid_square.php?Grid=KO85ou

Started monitoring frequency at 1145 UTC (1445 local time) YL lady taxi dispatcher giving directions to mobiles (some of the mobiles have been heard replying to the dispatcher).  No distinctive roger beeps (compare to the Latin American Uber, Lyft and taxi cab radio systems using 11 meter CB equipment, each with a "jingle" roger beep so the drivers know who they're talking to) heard on these Russian systems.  Besides using FM, and the Latin American systems using AM (although above 29 MHz they're using FM, save for a Brazilian cab operating on 33.700 MHz and 33.800 MHz using AM mode and old equipment) these taxi cab systems are all quite similar.  The dispatcher has a base station of some kind, and the drivers have radios that cover 25615-30105 kHz or 25.615-30.105 MHz in 5 kHz/10 kHz steps.  Russia allows for 5 kHz steps on CB.

Anyway, after several minutes of monitoring, only one reply transmission has been heard on 27.875 MHz FM.  The base station, with the female dispatcher "Olga", is a solid S7 all day long. 
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