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Author Topic: 6900 kHz USB 6.900 MHz USB Spanish Freebanders 22 August 2017  (Read 295 times)

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Time: 1225 UTC (started monitoring)
Date:  August 22nd, 2017
Frequency: 6900 kHz - 6.900 MHz
Mode: USB
Language: Spanish

Hearing some casual Spanish language chatter on 6900 USB at 1225 UTC, sounds like two OMs having an informal conversation (going by the terms these guys are referring to each other as, they likely know each other).  Lots of "HOLA!" and people whistling into their microphone.  At 1226, sounded like another station talked over "4" (not sure if this is an ID or something else).  Lots of static crashes making it hard to listen to these guys.  It's also very early in the day to be hearing this traffic, usually 6900 kHz and the other related frequencies aren't busy until later in the evening.

At 1227, mention of "working at home" and "3 blacks", then discussion of the number of people "on frequency".  Reminds me of the freebanders usually heard on 6900 kHz LSB, but as we've found before, these guys make liberal use of the mode switch (at least between upper and lower side band, effectively using it as a way of finding a clear channel).  Nothing heard on 6900 LSB around this time though.
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