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Australia/New Zealand NDB log.
« on: September 13, 2017, 2219 UTC »
Propagation has not been kind concerning the distance factor, struggling to reach or exceed the 2,000km area.  Following log is from the last two nights mornings (13th & 14th September inclusive):

227KHz  CW  OOM Moomba, South Australia 519 report. 1,138kms
242KHz  CW  PKS  Parkes NSW with transmitter fault, sending "E AU" & "E AN" with carrier offset noted. 569 report. 200kms
257KHz  CW  RK   Rockhampton, Queensland 529 report. 1,137kms
260KHz  CW  NF   Norfolk Island 219-319 report. 1,755kms
269KHz  CW  CV   Charleville, Queensland 519 report. 894kms
276KHz  CW  TVL  Townsville, Queensland, with Terminal Information 419 report. 1,631kms
278KHz  CW  CG    Coolangatta, Queensland 529 report. 689kms
287KHz  CW  LEC  Leigh Creek, South Australia 529 report. 1,165kms

308KHz  CW  MK   Mackay, Queensland 319-419 report. 1,390kms
311KHz  CW  NTN  Normanton, Northern Queensland 219-319 report. 1,393kms
324KHz  CW  EML  Emerald, Queensland 419 report. 1,138kms
338KHz  CW  MA   Mount Isa, Queensland 549 report. 1,785kms
341KHz  CW  CBP  Coober Pedy, South Australia 319 report. 1,561kms
350KHz  CW  ESL  East Sale, Victoria 559 report with Terminal Information "Whiskey". 576kms
353KHz  CW  LRE  Longreach, Queensland 579 report. 1,280kms
356KHz  CW  TN   Tindal, Northern Territory 319 report. 2,785kms
359KHz  CW  AMB Amberley, Queensland, 579 report with Terminal Information. 703kms
364KHz  CW  CS   Cairns, Northern Queensland 419-519 report. 1,393kms
395KHz  CW  CBA Cobar, NSW 539 report. 475kms
398KHz  CW  BOU  Boulia, Queensland 559 report. 1,561kms

413KHz  CW  BDS Birdsville, Queensland 419 report (new logging) 1,357kms
486KHz  CW  LTV  Latrobe Valley, Victoria 539 report. 613kms

Nothing noted from Western Australia or New Zealand/Pacific Islands. ;D
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Re: Australia/New Zealand NDB log.
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 1612 UTC »
DGPS decodes have been rather boring the last few days as well. Perhaps the ionosphere is still cranky from the flare activity last week?
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