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Author Topic: 6929 kHz LSB vs. 6930 kHz LSB Peskies QRM 13 Sept 2017 2217 UTC+  (Read 343 times)

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The band is somewhat active this evening, listening to pescadore traffic (in Portuguese) on 6929 kHz LSB and Spanish language freebanders on 6930 kHz LSB just clobbering the hell out of each other's signals.  At 2219 UTC or 2220 UTC the Spanish speakers QSYed or went QRT while the Portuguese speaking stations on 6929 LSB just kept chatting away.

It's always possible that these different groups were skipping over each other and were not suffering from the same QRM it seemed like they were making for themselves.  I have noticed that the "real peskies" (Portuguese speakers, likely from fishing fleets or boats or something like that) use odd frequencies, often with easy-to-remember numerical combinations (6777.7 kHz, 6919 kHz, 6929 kHz, etc) and the freebanders (or most of the Spanish speakers) seem to use 5 kHz CB radio like channel steps.  Of course, there are exceptions to both of these as they're really using any frequency they want but that pattern does appear in this log.
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