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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 14992 kHz USB 1407 UTC 14 Sept 2017  (Read 374 times)

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UNID Spanish Language 14992 kHz USB 1407 UTC 14 Sept 2017
« on: September 14, 2017, 1417 UTC »
UNID two way voice communications
Date: 14-SEPT-2017
Time: 1407 UTC (log start and tune in time)
Frequency: 14992 kHz 14.992 MHz - one station is on 14992.2 kHz
Mode: USB
Presumed Users/Remarks:  Spanish language traffic, consistent with out-of-band HF SSB maritime communications...or perhaps land mobile communications...lots of numbers transmitted, the two stations seem to be observing at least basic radio operating procedures.  One of the stations seems to be on 14992.2 kHz while the others are on 14992.0 kHz.  Regardless, this net is nicely hidden right outside the lower side band of the powerful WWV transmitter on 15000 kHz AM mode.  WWV's sidebands extended from roughly 14995 kHz to 15005 kHz and this net, being on 14992 kHz USB mode, just barely slides outside the bottom edge of WWV's LSB.  On the XX:XX:00 second tone, the WWV signal goes down to 14993 kHz and up to 15007 kHz with the tone burst.  Even though WWV is pushing 20db over S9 on peaks, this one-a-minute BEEP doesn't seem to bother the users of 14992 kHz.

1407 UTC - Hearing Spanish voices, S5 signal but nice sounding audio  OM talking about "Cubans" and "frequencies"
1408 UTC - radio checks (counting, whistling into microphone)
1409 UTC - mention of "el barco" (the ship or the boat), another OM talking about whats happening tomorrow
1410 UTC - station welcoming another station (or ship, if these are fishing fleet or marine communications) to the net
1411 UTC - "Number 4" possible station ID, then a station showing off to "boss" (either primary communications station in net, or his actual box)
1412 UTC - "340" "280" and other three-digit numbers heard followed by more whistling into mic
1413 UTC - whistling into microphone, mention of "el radio perfecto"
1414 UTC - talking about "the team" and "20 years"
1415 UTC - "La Universidad Del [something] and "El Cubano" (the Cuban) heard - maybe this is a hurricane relief net?
1416 UTC - a different station broke into the "net" with lots of radio checks and whistling into the mic
1417 UTC - mention of "the bank" (probably not talking about an actual bank here...), mention of "Yolanda"
1418 UTC - discussion of antennas and radio equipment (plus even more whistling)
1419 UTC - minor QRM from WWV on 15000 kHz - 15.000 MHz at 14:19:00 UTC second beep
1420 UTC - "20 meters!" "20! 20!" heard several times, then talking about conditions at markets
1421 UTC - another mention of "barco" (boat) - this could be some sort of rescue coordination net Cuba or other parts of the Caribbean
1423 UTC - "23 or 24" "okay" "the 11 meter band"
1424 UTC - more whistling into microphone, then "clearly" or "of course", a tone burst that sounded like SELCALL, then more whistling
1425 UTC - several other groups of numbers said by 3-4 different stations
1430 UTC - nothing heard since 1425 UTC
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