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Author Topic: September, 2017 Michigan BCB logs  (Read 1039 times)

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September, 2017 Michigan BCB logs
« on: October 08, 2017, 1216 UTC »
September was a productive month thanks to a few decent auroral nights here.  Some deep south graveyard logs are represented below and a new one from Nicaragua.  27 new logs in total for the month of September, 2017!

540 WFLF Pine Hills, FL.   Sept.11,2017   0059 UTC

I'm probably the last guy in the Midwest to log this one,
but finally...Very poor but alone on the channel during
au cx with lengthy multi-call ID at TOH then into
FOX News, best in USB to avoid strong Nicaraguan
het on 539.86 kHz.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      1046 miles   50kw

NEW LOG                  
630 WAIZ Hickory, NC.      Sept.9,2017   0959 UTC

Poor, down in the mix during semi-au cx with faint calls
and mention of 105.9 FM, WLAP surprisingly way down in
the noise.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      577 miles   1kw/57w

NEW LOG                  
640 WFNC Fayetteville, NC.   Sept.9,2017   0959 UTC

Very weak with calls and jingle and into CBS News at TOH
while under a strong Radio Progreso during semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      680 miles   10kw/1kw

NEW LOG                  
660 WXQW Fairhope, AL.      Sept.9,2017   0150 UTC

With calls during break in Mark Levin show, during
semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      874 miles   10kw/850w

NEW LOG                  
900 WMOP Ocala, FL.      Sept.9,2017   0959 UTC

Poor under unid SS talker (likely WKDA) with multi call
letter ID and mentions of Ocala & Gainseville then into
FOX Sports Radio, during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      989 miles   2.7kw/23w

NEW LOG                  
960 WCRU Dallas, NC.      Sept.9,2017   1000 UTC

Weak under WSBT with "Truth Network" mentions and partial
TOH ID w/ W289BO 105.7 Pineville mention and Charlotte
mention, during semi-au cx

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      606 miles   10kw/500w

NEW LOG                  
1000 WCCD Parma, OH.      Sept.30,2017   1041 UTC

With black gospel and Christian music while strong under
WMVP using "Radio One Thousand" slogan.

ANTENNA: East BOG   259 miles   500w Daytimer

NEW LOG                  
1140 KHFX Cleburne, TX.      Sept.12,2017   0100 UTC

With OM ID in both SS accented EE and SS including calls
given in SS, ID inserted over SS religious music, during
au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      970 miles   5kw/710w

NEW LOG                  
1150 WBAG Burlington-Graham, NC   Sept.9,2017   0959 UTC

OM w/ "Your hometown radio station that plays oldies and
beach favorites, W-B-A-G.", during semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      604 miles   1kw/48w

NEW LOG                  
1230 WFOM Marietta, GA.      Sept.10,2017   0158 UTC

Heard during "10 second pause for identification" during
Kennesaw State Owls vs. Tennessee Tech football game with
calls and city and Dickey Broadcasting mention, equal
level with semi-local WTKG.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      645 miles   1kw

NEW 1230 GY#29               
1240 WGGA Gainesville, GA.   Sept.12,2017   0102 UTC

With Westwood One Monday Night Football, pause for station
identification at 0102 UTC and calls and town finally
deciphered after a few playbacks of the recording, weak
but dominating during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      625 miles   1kw

NEW LOG                  
1240 WGCM Gulfport, MS.      Sept.12,2017   0105 UTC

Poor, with oldies heard over and under also newly logged
WGGA and finally an ID given at 0105 UTC by gravelly
voiced OM in full Wolfman style: "More ... cruise
by, on Cruisin' W-G-C-M" and back into the oldies,
during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      895 miles   1kw

NEW 1240 GY#33               
1340 WTAN Clearwater, FL.   Sept.12,2017   0100 UTC

With adult standards music under dominant semi-local WJRW.
Multi call letter IDs & cities heard under WJRW during
TOH legal ID for WTAN Clearwater, WDCF Dade City, &
WZHR Zephyrhills, FL., during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      1067 miles   1kw

NEW 1340 GY#24               
1400 WLTA Alpharetta, GA.   Sept.10,2017   0206 UTC

Presumed with "Faithtalk" mentions and spot for programs
on "Faithtalk 590 WDWD & Faithtalk 970 WNIV", during
au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      638 miles   1kw

NEW 1400 GY#33               
1410 WKKP McDonough, GA.    Sept.12,2017   0056 UTC

With OM coming up through the noise: "...more of the best
in classic country music, on 100.9 FM and 1410 AM,
W-K-K-P McDonough" and into c/w song, during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      682 miles   2.5kw/58w

NEW LOG                  
1420 WKWN Trenton, GA.      Sept.10,2017   0159 UTC

With Atlanta Braves MLB, and OM ID: "The Braves play here,
on 106.1 FM, 14-20 AM, and the new 97.7 FM, K-WIN", strong
signal during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      576 miles   2.5kw/112w

NEW LOG                  
1440 WLWI Montgomery, AL.   Sept.12,2017   0059 UTC

Poor in the mix with clear mention of Michael Savage show
"only on Montgomery's news leader, Newsradio 14-40",
during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      751 miles   5kw/1kw

NEW LOG                  
1490 WXBD Biloxi, MS.       Sept.12,2017   0102 UTC

Poor but standing out in the mix with ESPN promo and
mention of Gulf Coast and "Sportsradio 103.5", so
checking Topaz database I find WXBD is // WTNI-1640, and
sure enough, it's a perfect match to 1640 WTNI on my SDR
recording, during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      897 miles   1kw

NEW 1490 GY#34               
1550 WOCC Corydon, IN.      Sept.9,2017   0000 UTC

With oldies and this TOH announcement by OM "...music,
news, and sports. It's all right here on your radio dial,
W-O-C-C, in Corydon" then into USA Radio News

ANTENNA: South DKAZ      345 miles   250w/6w

NEW LOG                  
1650 UNID "DVS" Morse Code Beacon

Sept.12. 2017   0100 UTC

Just like the "SAC" mystery beacon that I reported during
October, 2016, along comes "DVS" heard during auroral
conditions.  "DVS" repeated continously in modulated
CW. If I remember correctly, "SAC" was roughly DF'ed to
the Gluf of Mexico region last year.



   Latin Americans:

550 XEPL Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, CHI., Mexico

Sept.6,2017   1102 UTC

Loud and dominant with presumed sign-on at 1102 UTC (came
on strong out of nowhere) with regional Mexican music and
detailed ID in SS with calls, "La Super Estación"
slogan, etc.

Antenna: Southwest phased BOGs      1539 miles

NEW LOG                  
600 YNLD Managua, Nicaragua   Sept. 10,2017   0203 UTC

With rapid-fire SS talk over SS pop music and a clear
"La Nueva Radio Ya" heard during au cx, weak but
dominating over other Latins.

RECORDING: https://youtu.be/X4Lcsuv9f_8

ANTENNA: South DKAZ         2148 miles

NEW NCG #4               
630 // 650 // 730 Radio Progreso Cuba

Sept. 11,2017   0040 UTC

With SS music all parallel to one another, first time
logged on these channels here, during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ         1500-1600 miles

NEW LOGS               
640 XEJUA Ciudad Juárez, CHI., Mexico

Sept. 16,2017   1122 UTC

This channel continues to be open here with semi-local
WMFN off the air.  Fairly weak but on top of the channel
after most 640 domestics had faded out, with Mexican
music and "La Caliente slogans" between most songs.

ANTENNA: Southwest phsaed BOGs      1360 miles

NEW LOG                  
640 XENQ Tulancingo de Bravo, HID., Mexico

Sept. 10,2017   0202 UTC

Prolonged ID under heavy echo, NQ slogans and calls with
Mexican music, under a strong WGST during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ         1749 miles

NEW LOG                  
910 HJMY San Andrés Island, Colombia

Sept. 10,2017   0200 UTC

With SS music and announcements // RCN La Radio webstream,
clear at times during semi-au conditions.

RECORDING: https://youtu.be/z2HVmXLaZEs

ANTENNA: South DKAZ         2131 miles

NEW LOG                  
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