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DX ToolBox 5.0.0 Beta
« on: October 08, 2017, 1932 UTC »
I've been hard at work (or is that hardly working?) on a new version of DX ToolBox. This version adds many new features and windows related to SWBC listening. It's still in beta, but you can download a copy to try out, and of course make suggestions, report bugs, etc.

First, it adds a Logbook. Now you can log your various catches (SWBC and otherwise). It stores all the usual information for a logbook, plus you can directly store the program details, and keep track of reception reports sent and QSLs received. The logbook is still under development, so don't set about entering thousands of loggings into it just yet.

Second, it adds a reminders window. You can add scheduled transmissions to this window, and see a chronologically sorted list of what is coming up throughout the day. You can also get notifications, even if DX Toolbox is running in the background. I've found this to be very useful, to not miss broadcasts I want to hear.

Third, right clicking an entry will give you a popup menu with options to get a window with other transmissions by the same station, on the same frequency, from the same country, in the same language, or to the same target. And you can right click entries in this new window as well, to get other related windows. And so onů  I find this to be very handy when you stumble across a station (live on the air or via schedules) and want to look for other listening opportunities.

Beta copies of DX ToolBox for Windows and macOS can be downloaded from the bottom of this page:
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