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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 6994 kHz USB 1507 UTC 12 Oct 2017  (Read 387 times)

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UNID Spanish Language 6994 kHz USB 1507 UTC 12 Oct 2017
« on: October 12, 2017, 1511 UTC »
6994 kHz 6.994 MHz.  SIO 222.  Spanish language freebanders or outbanders, operating just below the bottom edge of the 40 meter amateur radio allocation.  No QRM issues, as they're on 6994 USB, putting their signals in the 6994-6997 kHz range. 

Have logged Spanish language traffic on 6995 kHz and 6999 kHz, among other frequencies that are very close to the bottom edge of the 7 MHz 40 meter amateur band 7.000 MHz 7000 kHz.  These guys are more than likely freebanders, have not heard any IDs, numerical, or even first names.  Sounds like two OMs talking.  At 1508 UTC, a third station "broke in" to the QSO with a much stronger signal and said "correcto correcto!".  Lots of people whistling into mics, etc.  The "third station" has heavily distorted/overmodulated audio...sounds like he's literally yelling into his microphone.  The other two stations appear to be ignoring him at 1509 UTC.  Now he's part of the "roundtable" discussion at 1509 UTC - 1510 UTC. 

1511 UTC - mention of water shipments, not sure if this is coming from or relating to relief operations in Puerto Rico
1512 UTC - increasing noise level making for even worse copy :(
1517 UTC - tuned off-frequency for a bit, then checked 6994 kHz USB, QSO is still going strong
1518 UTC - more stations "checking in" to this "net", with signal reports and general ham radio like discussion
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