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Author Topic: Excercise Noble Skywave - Military Net 6800 kHz USB 1410 UTC 25 Oct 2017  (Read 589 times)

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UNID (well, the net itself was never IDed) military net, possibly a training net, appears to have started on 6784 kHz USB and then moved up to 6800 kHz USB due to very strong data QRM nearby 6784 kHz...some very strong signals with nearly constant Spanish language chatter QRM for the majority of the log.  At around 1440 UTC, the Spanish speaking operators (or at least some of them) appeared to have gotten the hint and moved frequency to 6818 kHz USB. 

1413 UTC - Angry Jimmy calling CIW601
1413 UTC - 59 radio check with Angry Jimmy (same station heard on 6784 USB a minute ago)
1415 UTC - Angry Jimmy working several stations with a Spanish language QSO underneath
1426 UTC - "any station any station this is Victor 42 radio check, radio check over"
1426 UTC - "Tango 12 this is Alpha Alpha 2 Papa clear"
1426 UTC - Several more radio checks, with continuing Spanish QRM on same frequency, likely military/MARS net
1427 UTC - several stations talking over each other
1427 UTC - "any station any station this is Victor 42 radio check, radio check over"
1428 UTC - "any station any station this is Victor 42 radio check, radio check over" [repeated at 1 minute intervals]
1429 UTC - V42 / Victor 42 repeating same call, Spanish language QRM continues 6800 kHz USB
1430 UTC - Zombie calling Max Trenton for a radio check
1431 UTC - Max Trenton reads Zombie "weak but readable"
1432 UTC - "Tango 35 T35 this is Max Trenton, radio check, over" [pescadore QRM continues at SIO 111]
1435 UTC - Spanish speakers stronger now, but net continues
1436 UTC - "last station, last station this Max Trenton, I have you weak and unreadable, try again over"
1437 UTC - "Charlie India Whiskey 601 CIW601, radio check, radio check over"
1437 UTC - CIW601 calling for any station, mixing in with Spanish stations
1438 UTC - "Chino, this is Max Trenton" "Cheebo 608 loud and clear, over" "Zombie Sierra 4"
1438 UTC - Cheebo or Chino working Max Trenton radio check "loud and clear" "roger out"
1439 UTC - more radio checks, various stations and tactical callsigns heard
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Hi !

This is the Multinational HF Communiactions Exercise Noble Skywave organised by the Canadian Military taking place on Oct 24/25.
Angry Jimmy: CAN Forces Petawawa, ON
V42: CAN Forces Toronto, ON
Alpha Alpha 2 Papa should be AAM2P: MARS West Point, NY
ZombieS4: US Army, PA
CIW601: CAN Forces Acton, ON
Max Trenton should be MACS Trenton: CAN Forces Trenton, ON
Chimo: CAN Forces Valcartier

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