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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 6900 kHz LSB 2240 UTC 25 Oct 2017  (Read 267 times)

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UNID Spanish Language 6900 kHz LSB 2240 UTC 25 Oct 2017
« on: October 25, 2017, 2248 UTC »
The 6900 kHz 6.900 MHz 6.9 MHz Spanish speaking freebander ragchew net Spanish ragchew net is very active tonight.  Several stations in roundtable discussion.  Appears to be both US and "south of the border" stations involved in the net. 

2241 UTC - mention of San Antonio Texas
2242 UTC - "net control" station (strongest station?) is SIO 444 - new station "Antonio" checks in, then is welcomed by a long dialogue by a station that identifies as being in California.  Then
2243 UTC - mention of the "People of the Dominican Republic" and "Rancho de San Antonio" - not sure if that's the same San Antonio mentioned earlier...mention of "Roberto"...
2244 UTC - roundtable ragchew net continues with another new station checking in, SIO 544 due to noisy band, but good copy
2244 UTC - discussion of radio operating conditions and antenna system of the transmitting station.  Mention of "Armando", possible that Armando is net control station OR he is the new station that checked in...or he's simply the station that the "mic was passed to".  Difficult to tell. 
2245 UTC - Says hello to Enrique and Armando.  Mention of "the northern part of Houston".
2246 UTC - roundtable continues.  operators talking about equipment, mention of "Hermando, Julio, Roberto, Enrique" and other names (likely operator names)
2247 UTC - "Fredericksburg City" mentioned
2255 UTC - several stations talking over each other, followed by "Hola....Holaaaa....Holaaaa..."
2255 UTC - mention of "the family".  This is becoming more "CB like" :D
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