Author Topic: 9031 kHz USB Freshman working Boat Dock and UNID 1635 UTC 5 Nov 2017  (Read 483 times)

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9031 USB 9.031 MHz 9031 kHz
USB mode US Navy HF activity 11-5-2017

Freshmen working Boat Dock with several other UNID stations heard talking to Freshman (YL operator)..  At 1637 UTC Freshman requested re-send of transmission, then FSK transmission heard (still at 1637 UTC).  9031 kHz is supposedly a US Navy frequency per GlobalTuners DB and other sites have it as a US Navy voice and data HF frequency logged during previous exercises.  Strong FSK data signal still going at 1639 UTC.

1640 UTC - Freshman calling Boat Dock, confirming three messages to be received vs. one message
1641 UTC - "we have one message we transmitted that twice" "Boat Dock this is Freshmen, we received your handover coordination, not your handover message, over"
1641 UTC - Boat Dock requesting Freshman (maybe its Freshmen) standby for handover message
1642 UTC - FSK signal back
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Re: 9031 kHz USB Freshman working Boat Dock and UNID 1635 UTC 5 Nov 2017
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Airborne Command Post aircraft, likely E-6Bs or maybe a E-6B & a ground station. These type comms are heard here often, generally moving here from 11175.0 as one station enters the net. IIRC, this is called the CHARLIE ECHO window.