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Lupo Radio 6973 AM 0025 UTC 18 NOV 2017

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0025 UTC Low level audio at or just above the noise floor with songs that Shazam doesn't ID, and OM with chat between songs. One of the best signals yet from Lupo!
0047 UTC "Pero Yo Se"-Anibal Troilo & Raul Beron (Shazam got one!  :) )
0057 UTC "Que Te Importa Que Te Llore"-Miguel Calo & Raul Beron
0102 UTC "La culpa es mia"-Orquesta Tipica Enrique Francini, Armando Pontier & Raul Beron

0044 - fairly stronger signal here tonight as well. Some decent fades.

2255 UTC Lupo putting in some audio here already!  :)
2308 UTC "Palomita Blanca"-Carlos Gardel per Shazam

Yes, nice music here as well. SIO 222 to 333.

Getting some weak audio for the first time here @ 2301.  Approaching storm isn't making it easy though.


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