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Author Topic: "Arctic Fox","Raindeer" and "Economics" Active on 4724u and 4727u  (Read 1059 times)

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At 03:3oz Arctic Fox on 8992 with EAM, then "Standing by for traffic"
At 04:10z Raindeer on 4724 with EAM, then Standing by for traffic.
At 04:20 Economics on 4724 with Eam, then "tanding by for traffic"

At 0435 on 4727u Arctic Fox with EAM , then srtanding by fir traffic.

Also at 04:30z Raindeer atempting to hail Arctic Fox with no joy, except for reply from Peurto Rico, who was told "no assistance needed.  "Raindeer and "arctic Fox" are not calls I have heard previosly
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