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Author Topic: Al, the CES is over, we've got work to do.  (Read 220 times)

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Al, the CES is over, we've got work to do.
« on: January 11, 2018, 2221 UTC »
Northrop-Grumman has been pestering me non-stop over "Zuma". I keep telling them it's not our fault they wanted to blast their last copy of that Neil Young and Crazy Horse classic into space with via that funny lookin' South African kid. Then there's this woman named Tonya that keeps calling for you. She says the "Nancy Incident" is behind her and she wants to reconcile? I mentioned Belinda and the Twin cousins, but she said she's already made them an offer they found they couldn't refuse. It looks like you've got yourself a woman after all.

As for these N-G boys, you speak Geek. Can you tell them A) They're not getting my copy of Zuma; and B) If I do sell, I want gold bullion, not "bitcoins" whatever the Hell those are? They offered to give me all of the bitcoins in existence on a thumb drive for Zuma, but if they're that bitty, they can't be worth spit. I paid nearly six bucks for that album in 1976 money.

How's a genius to remain stable with all this pressure? No wonder you wear foil beanie and Don wears a dead cat on his head?