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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 6749 kHz LSB 2237 UTC 2 March 2018  (Read 522 times)

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Frequency: 6749 kHz 6.749 MHz
Mode: LSB
Language: Spanish
Origin: Latin America (presumed)

I'm hearing two stations (at least) having a QSO on 6749 LSB, one of the them (the stronger of the two) has considerable background noise in his audio...this could be a fishing fleet communications frequency.  I've heard activity on 6747 kHz in the past, but don't think I've logged 6749 kHz before.  With the storm in the Atlantic right now, the marine and aeronautical bands (as well as the 6765 to 7000 kHz band) have come alive with freebander and out of band marine HF-SSB communications.
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