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Author Topic: Casual Observations  (Read 1365 times)

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Casual Observations
« on: December 28, 2010, 1945 UTC »
Here in San Luis Obispo, California I have:

Chinese Fire Drake   in progress 17:40-18:05 UTC   9,905 Khz   Mon Dec.27
SINPO 55555 rivaled Local AM BCB with occasional fade. Fairly confident about this ID continuous Chinese Music.

Fax Machine  probably Coastal Station Weather Fax  11,090 Khz   in progress 10:09  UTC   Solid Signal through slight noise and fade

RTTY I assume SITOR   11,690 KHZ   on 25m BCB Segment   in progress
18:15 UTC   Solid with some co-channel from Spanish Broadcaster

Gene Scott (from the Grave)   11,775 Khz   18:17 UTC Discussing MOSES
SINPO   45354

Note: about SINPO   SINFO   SIO   as Noise and Fade are always present on HF some prefer SIO   I still prefer SINPO with a verbal discription because it gives a relative indication as to the intensity of all these factors. I start with O (Overall Signal Quality) First; then work back towards S (Strength).

Radio Marti   13,820 Khz   in Progress  10:26 UTC  SINPO   55445  Discussion
in Spanish of Pavarazi in New York

Radio Canada International   15,365 Khz   in Progress  18:47 UTC  55445 Solid
Signature Interval Signal and ID

EWTN Global Catholic Radio   15,610 Khz   19:22 UTC in Progress   45554
Good Signal with Echo present. If My memory serves me this is a strong station on the East Coast. Most likely, both the Long and Short Path received with slight delay.

FireDrake   9,905 Khz   by   19:26 UTC  Signal is unuseable: Noise and Turbulence

Just some general ShortWave Fun. Cheers