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Author Topic: 6900 LSB -> 6905 LSB -> 6920 LSB 2300+ UTC 22 Mar 2018  (Read 650 times)

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6900 LSB -> 6905 LSB -> 6920 LSB 2300+ UTC 22 Mar 2018
« on: March 22, 2018, 2337 UTC »
Very strong signals on 6900 LSB, then they moved to 6905 and then to 6920 LSB.  Several instances of jamming and stations yelling over each other.  First name identifiers.  The strongest station is easily 10 db over S9.  Mexican Spanish, at least one station identified 6900 as "the home channel of Mexico" - now (2334 UTC) talking about antenna tuners and antenna design.....very ham radio-like chatter.  Multiple references to "el canale de la casa" ("home channel" or "home frequency").  Very strong signals, some of the strongest signals I've heard from the 43 meter band freebanders - music heard at points, stations jamming each other.  Mention of Filipe - Homberto can't hear Filipe (radio checks - Miguel, Juan, Lupe and other names heard)......very informal chatter....sounds like the usual HF ham radio roundtable like chatter - one station IDed as being in "el norte de Virginia" (Northern Virginia), Florida, Mexico, Washington, D.C. and other locations

6900 kHz
6905 kHz
6920 kHz - still going strong

Still going

0008 UTC - ID as "Jose de Washington" and several other stations IDing, now at least 10 different stations talking, often on top of each other
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