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Author Topic: 6900 LSB and 6910 LSB Spanish Freebander Nets 26-27 Mar 18  (Read 645 times)

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Freebanders, outbanders, etc. 
Frequencies: 6900 kHz 6.900 MHz and 6910 kHz 6.910 MHz
LSB mode

Hearing lively QSOs on two of the "usual suspect" frequencies, 6900 kHz and 6910 kHz.  Several stations doing radio checks and giving reception reports on 6910 LSB, with the usual rag-chew chatter on 6900 LSB.  At least a half dozen stations yakking away on 6900 LSB, with some impressive signals at points.  Going by my past experiences with 6900 LSB and nearby frequencies (think 5 kHz steps like the 11 meter band), there are US-based and Latin America-based stations talking to each other here.  Frequency went strangely quiet around 2340 UTC on 26 March 2018
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