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Author Topic: Drift Net beacons 1.710 to 2.700MHz CW  (Read 3923 times)

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Re: Drift Net beacons 1.710 to 2.700MHz CW
« Reply #15 on: March 21, 2019, 0247 UTC »
Would you prefer a separate board for these?  We already have HF beacons (originally meant to be the "pirate" beacons but ham and other beacons end up here as well) and the 22 meter beacon board. We could create one for the drift net / fishing beacons, and make all three of these sub boards of beacons category.  Posts / threads can be moved, so as we find existing drift net beacon posts they can be re-located to the new board.

That sounds like an excellent idea. If we are taking votes on this, then I'm a YES.