Author Topic: 2nd June HiFER report  (Read 81 times)

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2nd June HiFER report
« on: June 08, 2018, 1842 UTC »
I found time to switch on and listen for a while on 2nd June (Around 030 UTC) and was rewarded with quite good conditions. Observations were aided by the use of Spectrum Lab.

In the higher portion of the band, EPA provided a strong trace, along with a hint of BUH (or perhaps BUZ) Both are new to the log here. A trace corresponded to RF, another to KC7MMI, and GNK appeared for a while.

Lower down, I Caught PBJ, TON and a hint of trace from a possible PLM.

Below this, EH was plainly audible, and an easy trace to read. Neighbor SIW was visible below, and USC above.

Quite the best conditions we have had here for some time.