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Author Topic: Wolverine Radio /WDDR 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018  (Read 5260 times)

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Wolverine Radio /WDDR 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« on: July 08, 2018, 0026 UTC »
0025 testing 1 2 3
0026 Wolverine Radio ID into "Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky" Austin Young (big thanks to Skipmuck for tracking down full song title)
0030 "Not a Cloud in the Sky" Iham Jones and his Orchestra
      about S5 here in Denver, but very nice signa on K1RA kiwi SDR in Virginia
0033 "Blue Skies" Earl Hines & His Orchestra
0035 Wolverine ID into "A Melody From the Sky" Bunny Berigan
0038 "Ghost Riders in the Sky" Marty Robbins
0042 "Voices in the Sky" The Moody Blues
0045 Wolverine ID into "Sky Pilot" Eric Burdon & the Animals
0048 "It Came Out of the Sky" Creedence Clearwater Revival
0051 "Spirit in the Sky" Norman Greenbaum
0055 Wolverine ID into "Blue Sky" Allman Brothers Band
0100 "South Side of the Sky" Yes
0108 "See the Sky About to Rain" Neil Young
0113 Wolverine ID into "Showdown at Big Sky" Robbie Robertson
0118 "The Sky is Crying" Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
0122 "The Whole Night Sky" Bruce Cockburn
0126 echoey Wolverine ID

0128 DDJ on the mic, says he's going to keep playing
0129 "Sea of Joy" Blind Faith
0134 DDJ on the mic, a brief bit of "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" by Steely Dan played but was cut off. DDJ saying he's not organized but that's OK. Will get to HFU in a bit.
0135 "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" Steely Dan
0139 Pro mushroom parody ad.
0140 DDJ on the mic. Song ID. Station ID into "Dancing Barefoot" Patti Smith Group
0144 DDJ on the mic. Sounds like he's still trying to figure out his setup. Song and Station ID.
0145 "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight" James Taylor
0148 parody ad, having a harder time telling what it's supposed to be for. DDJ on the mic. Song ID. HFU shoutouts. (Hiya DDJ!)
0150 WWDR ID into "Saved By Zero" The Fixx
0154 parody ad for cookies that won't melt in your mouth or your hand. DDJ on the mic.
0155 "Pretty" The Cranberries
0157 DDJ on the mic. Looking for a request, found it.
0158 "Little Black Dress" Donnie Iris
0203 DD on the mic, taking requests
0204 "Angel Spread Your Wings" Danny O'Keefe
0207 parody ad for Dead Cat Soap. DDJ on the mic.
0208 WDDR ID into "Heaven" Lost Lonely Boys
0212 DDJ on the mic, my request not on line. Less than halfway through the bottle. My substitute is....
0213 "The Hissing of Summer Leaves" Joni Mitchell. Yeah, this is good. Thanks DDJ!
0218 "Down To Zero" Joan Armatrading. I was out of the room for a couple of minutes and probably missed DDJ on the mic.
0220 DDJ on the mic. Joan Armatrading is one of his favorites. New people on the HFU post to shout out.
0221 Started playing Elvis singing some song (probably "Steamroller", but DDJ stopped it, laughing.
0222 "Steamroller" James Taylor
0225 DDJ briefly on the mic, into "White Lies" Grin & Nils Lofgren
0229 parody ad for patio art.
0230 DDJ on the mic, WDDR station ID. Someone wants an SSTV but he doesn't have any set up. It's an off the cuff show. Hello to Dr. Strangelove. Another request has been made.
0231 "Into The Mystic" Van Morrison
0235 DDJ on the mic.
0236 "40,000 Headman" Traffic
0239 DDJ on the mic, song ID. He forgot to check for requests so he's playing the next track on his list.
0240 "I've Been Waiting For You" Neil Young
0242 DDJ back, has a request for Cranberries but doesn't have the specific song. Can't find it on youtube either, maybe song title is wrong?
0243 Going to pick the "obvious one." "Go ahead and laugh because I already played it." WDDR ID into "Pretty" Cranberries.
0246 DDJ on the mic. Turns out that that's the song Davep wanted to hear.
0247 WDDR ID into "Everyday I Write The Book" Elvis Costello & the Attractions
0251 parody ad for US Plus. "We own the idea of America."
0252 DDJ on the mic, song ID. another request coming up
0253 "You Know Everything" The Clarks
0255 Bear Whiz Beer ad.
0256 DDJ on the mic.
0257 pause. Then "Stoned Soul Picnic" Laura Nyro played
0301 DDJ on the mic.
0302 "Black Water" Doobie Brothers
0306 DDR on the mic. The old email address I asked about is NOT him. (I didn't think it was, but thanks.) DDJ has no contact info.
0307 thanks to me for posting. You're welcome!
0308 "Born Under a Bad Sign" Albert King
0312 DDJ on the mic. PghScanner has been putting in requests. "This better be fucking good for five minutes long!"
0312 "Lost in America" Gathering Field
0318 DDJ on the mic. HFU shoutout?
0319 ad for something, shazam says it's Firesign Theater "The Ralph Spoilsport Mantrum."
0320 DDJ on the mic. "Like The Weather" 10,000 Maniacs
0324 DDJ on the mic. There's no way he's going to ignore my request. (LOL)
0325 "This better be good!" (It is, thanks!) "Velvet Roof" Buffalo Tom
0330 DDJ on the mic. It was a bit off his laid back hippie style. True, that. Thanks for playing it.
0331 "Start Me Up" Rolling Stones
0334 parody ad for old 60s music. Announcer ID'd as Eric Burdon. (Yeah, sure!)
0335 DDJ on the mic.
0337 "Party Down the Hall" The Stone Coyotes
0341 DDJ on the mic.
0343 "Young Americans" David Bowie

I'm starting to get tired. Don't think I'll log any more songs or DJ bits. Thanks for the show, and I'll try to think of something more hippie to request next time. (Maybe some Marvin Gaye would be cool. Your song choice.)

0433 still listening. I was pleased to hear that Dinosaur Jr track - haven't heard it in a long time, so thanks aquabat for requesting it. Also thanks to whomever requested Devo's "Freedom of Choice," playing right now.

0501 SSTV

0514 off. Thanks DDJ!
0515 oops, a song just came on. Not sure if it's still WDDR?
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2018, 0028 UTC »
S9 to S9+ with very good audio

Wolverine Radio sign on
Thanks for the show.

DDR on now S9-S9+ with very good audio
Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You.
Donnie Iris - Little Black Dress - Thanks
The Clarks - You Know Everything - Thanks
The Gathering Field - Lost In America - Thanks
Little Feat - Let It Roll
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2018, 0028 UTC »
0025 - testing 123
0027 - Just Like a Melody - Austin Young
0126 - SSTV
0130 - DDR!
0131 - Blind Faith -S8-9
0136 - steely Dan
0149 - Shoutouts  - still here!
0220 - More shoutouts
0223 - Into The Mystic - Van Morrison - someone read my mind. I thought of this song to request
0309 - Born Under A bad Sign - Albert King
Good show tonight!
0321 - 10000 maniacs -
Thanks for the show tonight !
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2018, 0028 UTC »
Wolverine Radio 6950 USB S9 in NY

0025: Testing 1,2,3
0026: Austin Young "Just Like A Melody"
0030: Isham Jones And His Orchestra "Not A Cloud In The Sky"
0034: Earl Hines & His Orchestra "Blue Skies"
0035: Wolverine Radio I.D. into Bunny Berigan "A Melody From The Sky"
0038: Marty Robbins "Riders In The Sky"
0042: The Moody Blues "Voices In The Sky"
0045: Another I.D. into Eric Burdon & The Animals "Sky Pilot"
0049: Creedence Clearwater Revival "It Came Out Of The Sky"
0052: Norman Greenbaum "Spirit In The Sky"
0055: Another I.D. into The Allman Brothers Band "Blue Sky"
0100: Yes "South Side Of The Sky"
0126: I.D. with echo then into SSTV

0326: WDDR Drunken DJ Radio I.D. into Buffalo Tom "Velvet Roof"
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Re: Wolverine Radio/WDDR 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2018, 0032 UTC »
0031 UTC "Not A Cloud In the Sky"-Isham Jones & His Orchestra (Solid S9 here!)
0045 UTC "Sky Pilot"-Eric Burdon & Animals
0052 UTC "Spirit In the Sky"-Norman Greenbaum
0104 UTC Signal has dropped down to S5 peaks now during the Yes tune
0108 UTC "See The Sky About To Rain"-Neil Young  :)
0136 UTC "Any Major Dude"-Steely Dan
0139 UTC Fungus faux advert  ;D, into "Dancing Barefoot"-Patti Smith Group
0145 UTC "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"-James Taylor
0150 UTC Thanks for the shoutout!
0151 UTC "Saved By Zero"-The Fixx
0156 UTC "Pretty"-Cranberries
0158 UTC "Little Black Dress"-Donnie Iris by request from PghScanner
0203 UTC WDDR ID, into "Angel Spread Your Wings"-Danny O'Keefe
0209 UTC "Heaven"-Los Lonely Boys
0222 UTC "Steamroller Blues"-James Taylor
0226 UTC "White Lies"-Grin
Static level is making things tough on the between song chat and faux ads
0237 UTC "40,000 Headman"-Traffic
0244 UTC "Pretty"-Cranberries
0307 UTC Drunken DJ has no contact....may some day get a proton.mail addy
0406 UTC Thanks for the shoutout and the request Drunken DJ! Yep, still up but fading fast

Thanks for the entertainment this evening! Way past my bedtime......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #5 on: July 08, 2018, 0033 UTC »
"Not a cloud in the sky," "Blue skies,"

S7 and clear with very nice signal here.

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Mark Taylor
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2018, 0040 UTC »
0038: Nice signal Wolverine!!! Solid 59 + 5 db over.
Bunny Berigan, "A Melody From The Sky."
Into Marty Robbins, "Riders In the Sky." (Ghost)
0042: The Moody Blues, "Voices In The Sky."
0046: Wolverine Radio I.D. into Eric Burdon & The Animals, "Sky Pilot."  Great Tune !!!
0057: stepped away from radio to find, The Allman Brothers Band, "Blue Sky."  Excellent Tune !!!
0102: Yes, "South Side Of The Sky."  Audio sounds off a little on this song, sometimes that happens with Yes.
With Yes, I think the audio is so old, that it does not come over the air correctly.  This is only what I have noticed.  I love Yes.
0109: Neil Young, "See The Sky About To Rain." Very nice Audio on this one!!!
0114: Wolverine Radio I.D.
Thanks for the show Wolverine, time to do my own thing.
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2018, 0048 UTC »
Noted at 0047 with a good solid signal here into southern Alberta this evening.
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #8 on: July 08, 2018, 0053 UTC »
Really nice signal into Wyomissing--clear and sharp.

Well done, Wolverine!

Ron Hunsicker
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania 
ronhunsi at ptd.net
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #9 on: July 08, 2018, 0056 UTC »
0053 Sprit in the Sky
0056 Allman Bros/ blue sky
101 Yes/ South side of the smy
108 Neil Young / see the Sky about to rain
114 Robbie Robertson / showdown at big sky
118 SRV/ the sky is crying

155 WDDR id Cranberries / the way you are  That was not my song , you played that at 155! 8)  but thanks!

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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #10 on: July 08, 2018, 0107 UTC »
0107 UTC -Signal S9 +20dB in WNY, very good audio.
0109 UTC - See The Sky About To Rain / Neil Young
0114 UTC - Wolverine Radio ID into another sky tune.
0118 UTC - The Sky is Crying / Stevie Ray Vaughan
0130 UTC - Sea of Joy / Blind Faith,  8)
0137 UTC - Any Major Dude Will Tell You / Steely Dan
0146 UTC - WDDR , Drunken DJ Radio ID into Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight  / James Taylor
0150 UTC - Thanks for the shout out.
0152 UTC - Saved By Zero / The Fixx
0155 UTC-  Ma???? whole moleskin cookies ad.

Thanks for the show.
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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #11 on: July 08, 2018, 0108 UTC »
S8 @ 0105 with "South Side Of The Sky" Yes

0222 - WDDR, S8 to S9 with "Steamroller" James Taylor

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Re: Wolverine Radio 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #12 on: July 08, 2018, 0130 UTC »
Great it sounds like an extended broadcast.

Signed of at 0514z.

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6950 USB @ 0129 JUL 08 WBBR?
« Reply #13 on: July 08, 2018, 0138 UTC »
Came right after Wolverine Radio with music by Blind Faith.
Could not clearly copy ID because voice deep in noise floor.
Maybe heard WBBR?
Music by Steely Dan into ad for Fungus Hut.

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Re: Wolverine Radio /WDDR 6950 USB 0025 UTC 080 JULY 2018
« Reply #14 on: July 08, 2018, 0141 UTC »
Nice S7 signal on Twente SDR NL !

0140 Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith Band
0144 OM anncr, 'DDJ', then Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight by James Taylor,
0149 Anncts, singing ID 'WDDR Drunken DJ Radio' then Saved By Zero by The Fixx,
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