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Author Topic: Michigan auroral logs: Aug.26th, 2018  (Read 1013 times)

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Michigan auroral logs: Aug.26th, 2018
« on: August 27, 2018, 2336 UTC »
Instead of chasing Pacific carriers Sunday morning on the western BOGs, I found myself scrambling in the dark to get temporary feedlines setup from the shack to the South DKAZ to take advantage of the auroral conditions.  With just a few minutes to spare, I managed to kickoff a spectrum recording covering the 7am / 11:00 UTC TOH.  Later review exposed a pipeline into Texas including several new TX logs.

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus SDR

Antenna: 117 FT D-KAZ remotely terminated and reversible aimed North/South

Location: Western Michigan

1280 KSLI Abilene, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1101 UTC

Very poor with weak mix of stations playing oldies and
standards, then faint but clear OM w/ calls rising above
the mix with "K-S-L-I......" and lost again immediately,
during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   1,045 miles   500w/226w

NEW LOG                  
1290 KIVY Crockett, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

With adult standards and alone as captured in this
audio recording: https://tinyurl.com/y8sjze2z

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   965 miles   2.5kw/175w

1310 KTCK Dallas, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

With ad for local collision shop in Dallas area, TOH
AM/FM ID with calls, strong during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   917 miles   25kw/5kw

NEW LOG                  
1470 KLCL Lake Charles, LA.   Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

"Magic 1470" with a big signal battling against KYYW as
heard in this audio clip: https://tinyurl.com/y6wqkzfm

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   974 miles   5kw

1500 KJIM Sherman, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1059 UTC

Poor and mixing with XEDF with adult standards and OM
call letter ID at TOH and into CBS News, during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   863 miles   1kw daytimer

NEW LOG                  
1510 KMND Midland, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

Slightly dominant over other weak signals during au cx
with AARP ad and OM ID: "You're listening to
AM 1510....and K258AO.....You're listening to FOX
Sports Radio".

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   1,163 miles   2.4kw daytimer

NEW LOG                     
1540 KZMP University Park, TX.   Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

Dominant with ESPN Deportes Radio and calls at TOH, very
strong during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   927 miles   32kw/750w

NEW LOG                     
1580 KGAF Gainesville, TX.   Aug.26th,2018   1058 UTC

With Tesla's "Love Song" & ending with OM: "This is your
hometown radio, K-G-A-F", over/under KHGG during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   886 miles   1.2kw/275w

NEW LOG                     
1600 KLEB Golden Meadow, LA.   Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

"The Rajun Cajun" with big signal, audio recording here:


ANTENNA: South DKAZ   979 miles   5kw/250w

PLS QSL kilokat7(at)gmail.com
Location: Western Michigan
Perseus SDR / DKAZ loops
1980s pirate off-air archive
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