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Author Topic: 2RN Sydney 576 kHz 1115 UTC 09 Sept. 2018 and others from Michigan  (Read 1143 times)

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Conditions have been picking up here for early morning "down under" reception.  Weak carriers have been turning into weak audio on some frequencies.  2RN was a new one for the log book this morning:

576 2RN Sydney peaking from 11:07 to 11:19 UTC with very faint music. Confirmed 2RN against an online receiver near Sydney.  Distance is 9,345 miles (15,048 km) from transmitter to my backyard BOG array.

585 UNID carrier peaking to trace audio at 11:21 UTC with OM talking in heavy domestic slop, too poor to discern any words.

702 2BL Sydney peaking at 11:07 UTC with DU accented talk // to local remote SDR.

Plus a slew of weaker carriers noted on most 9 kHz channels across the whole band.

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Re: 2RN Sydney 576 kHz 1115 UTC 09 Sept. 2018 and others from Michigan
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Good on ya mate !  Bloody nice. 
Das Radiobunker somewhere in Michigan


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