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Author Topic: 6893 USB Radiotelephone Link Possible RRTS 2103 UTC 29 Oct 2018  (Read 529 times)

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HF-SSB radio telephone link 6893 kHz 6.893 MHz USB mode Spanish language unknown origin, Spanish language SS speakers

Possible radiotelephone link or village radio.  Hearing a YL and an OM talking informally in Spanish.  Very strong data QRM from a utility signal centered on 6895 kHz.  (or 6893.5 kHz if you're listening in USB mode). 

2104 UTC - pause, quick tone burst, followed by several DTMF tones
2105 UTC - YL said something, then rapid-dial DTMF
2105 UTC - YL talking again
2106 UTC - can now only hear the YL side of the conversation...but this is probably a rural radiotelephone service or similar system
2108 UTC - still suffering from extremely strong (and annoying!) "rushing" QRM from the nearby ute signal
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